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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय क्र.1 बलांगीर मे आपका स्वागत है




Situated on the confluence of the rivers Tel and Uttei, two tributaries of the river Mahanadi, Belkhandi is a place of archaeological importance. It is 20 kilometers from Badmal, 32 km. from Kesinga and 67 km from Bhawanipatna, the district headquarters of Kalahandi district. The excavation of 1946 has resulted in the discovery of the lower part of the temple consecrated to goddess Chandi and the beautiful images of Saptamatruka (seven mother- goddesses) and Uma Maheswar.These sculptures are dated to be of the 12th century. The ruins are preserved in a small museum adjacent to the temple premises. 
The Dhabaleswar temple at Belkhandi, consisting of a Vimana and a Jagamohana, was built on the site of an old dilapidated temple during the last part of the 19th century. The annual Sivaratri festival of Lord Dhabaleswar attracts a large number of pilgrims.

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Ranipur Jharial

Located in the verdant environs of the Titilagarh sub-division in Balangir district, the twin villages of Ranipur-Jharial bear strong traces of their ancient heritage. This is primarily evident in the numerous ancient temples discovered by visiting pilgrims to 'Somatirtha' (as they called this region).

Saivism, Vaisnavism, Buddhism and Tantrism obviously enjoyed a great deal of influence in the region. Situated on the rocky outcrops of this region are a number of temples that are of great interest to tourists. Located here is the hypaethral temple of the 64 yoginis. It is one of the four famous Yogini temples in India. The other three are located at Hirapur (near Bhubaneswar), Khajuraho and Bheraghat (near Jabalpur).

The finest specimen of a brick temple is the 20 metres high Indralath temple. It is one of the tallest brick temples of ancient India

It is located near Kantabanjhi 90 KM.from K.V.1,OF.,a Shaiba Peetha is known as Tantra Peetha and Chausathi Jogini.A big Shiv Temple is also located which is built by Ananga Bhima Deva during 12 th century AD.